• Nikita Guelmer
  • Nikita Guelmer
  • Advisor: Dr. Christina Bergey

    I am a senior double-majoring in Evolutionary Anthropology and Geography (GIS Track), with a double-minor in Archaeology and Turkish.

    I previously completed my undergraduate fieldwork in archaeology at the Boncuklu Hoyuk archaeological site in Turkey, neolithic site with some of the first evidence of continuous inhabitation and domestication of crops and animals. After the excavation season, I worked as an Aresty Research Assistant with Dr. Christina Bergey, where we worked on a research project titled "Interbreeding with Neandertals and its Contribution to Infertility', within which my research looks at identifying Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms related to embryonic aneuploidy.

    With my background in Evolutionary Anthropology and Archaeology, I hope to go into epidemiology and focus on the evolutionary aspect of human diseases. I am really interested in the transition from hunter-gathering to agricultural societies, specifically the origins of zoonotic diseases and how evolution can help us further the fields of medicine and public health.


    Human evolution, epidemiology, archaeology, evolutionary medicine, zoonotic diseases